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We all wear so many different hats.  Especially after the last two years post Covid and post cancer, I wanted this page to serve as a window into who I really am. As a human, healer, and purpose-led woman, I do many things... I'm a coach, a mother, sister, daughter, traveler, girlfriend, beach lover.  The beautiful thing about life is allowing all of the experiences to shape who we are, who we become, and what we offer to the world.

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Eleanor Shaw Claiborne

If you’ve made it to my website and stayed long enough to read my bio I want to congratulate you. To me, this feat measures in some way your ability to say yes to that small, still voice giving you direction - or maybe for you its that feeling in your gut, your intuition, that deeper knowing.  It is the YOU that has curiosity, calm, confidence, clarity, compassion, creativity, courage.  Although at times I’m sure you’ve doubted it once or twice or …allowed that inner critic to take over, you’ve also allowed your true Self to guide you to the next chapter of your life.  You know when something feels off and when it feels like you are on the right path; however staying tethered to that deeper Self can be a challenge as we go through life.  

I’ve been through many up’s and down’s of life from marriage and motherhood and divorce to cancer and treatment and healing to the corporate job and entrepreneurship and the family business.  I went through my younger years with an ease in achieving my goals, but with a feeling of dissatisfaction and irritation... my own self will helped me get good grades and great jobs, but trying to control my own happiness never brought it.  I lived for my vacations and felt more alive traveling than at home.  My divorce was a moment in my life that allowed me to really examine what I had created and how I truly wanted it to be.  I had checked all the boxes I thought would make me happy and I wasn’t, but didn’t know why not or how I had gotten there exactly.  

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The moment it all seemingly fell apart was the moment my inward journey began. I spent the next 10 years of my life growing my connection to my true Self. (which is still happening).  I had years of therapy, attended workshops and retreats, trainings and apprenticeships to eventually open up my own personal development business in Austin, Texas. I was brought to this very place in life to heal and grow and it’s my turn to pass onto you how to lead a life based in desire. I live a life I can say I truly love every single day that is filled with joy and passion - even as the roller coaster of life continues with its peaks and valleys.  I love being  a mother, I enjoy my extended family, my work, and have fun all the time with my amazing supportive partner.  The only thing stopping you from creating a life you truly enjoy is you - but it takes courage to get to really know yourself.  I have had some amazing teachers and guides that were willing to hold the mirror up for me, hold me accountable, show fierce love and compassion where I felt safe to get vulnerable with myself.  Where I felt safe to understand how I was creating the patterns, feel the feelings I needed to heal, and shine the light on the path to real change.  It often takes a going down to come up, a surrender, a bottom to learn how to live life differently. 

I want to hold your hand through that process. I want to cheer you on and help you discover practices that work for you. I want to invite you into real sisterhood with supportive, loving  powerful women so you realize you are not alone on this path of life.  I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my guides, friends, and community willing to love me exactly as I am. 


“As an adventurous, feminine human I invite people into the deep end of life, nurture community, and lead others to the edge of wake up so that they may know their own preciousness and live a life of freedom and peace.”

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Every single individual has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from having the connection they want in life. The Intimacy Boutique is here to help in this new journey. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, awakening events, and tons of resources the impossible becomes possible. Request a complimentary Desire Discovery Call so we can connect and see what is a right fit for you.

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