Events & Offerings

"I love it when the light gets in."

There is a spread of different events and new ones being created all the time to walk groups into more connection and intimacy.  These experiences are designed to touch parts of you that are yearning to be known - to shine the light into the shadows or little nooks and crannies of your being so that more of you lights up and feels alive!  As more of us have conversations that heal the pain inside and in our society, we will wake up to our essential selves, and through that journey we bring healing to our world. Feel free to go at your own speed and enjoy exploring in community as an individual or couple.


Women's Group


Orgasmic Meditation (OM)

Orgasmic Meditation ™ (OM) is a unique wellness practice that combines mindfulness with the power of the deeply human, deeply felt experience of Orgasm.  OM puts you in touch with your body, your desire, and your sexuality. The practice can teach you how to slow down, connect emotionally, and focus on pleasure.  During the practice, one person strokes another person’s clitoris for 15 minutes with no goal other than to feel the sensation. There are many benefits and many ways to have the practice whether you are single or partnered.  There are thousands of practitioners around the world! If you have desire to learn OM and be a part of this global community feel free to contact us for more information. The Intimacy Boutique holds regular OM community events in San Antonio, TX where you can connect with people and deepen your practice.  You can begin right away with the free online OM Starter Kit - find the training below

Welcome to the neighborhood!  I am an ambassador of this really cool movement called The Neighborhood Project and would love to tell you more about it or help you get started in your own community.  

We are exploring what matters most in living rooms and small groups across the country.  Our mission is to unite and help individuals and communities through conversation. The Nantucket Project searches for passionate people with meaningful ideas & asks them to give the talk of their lives. Our best discoveries are made into films. Neighborhood projects watch these, circle up & talk.  Join the project, gather & watch the film together. have a real conversation & connect with people you care about. Click here for more information and to start a project in your own home.

Are you curious to know more about yourself and others?  If there was one thing you could change in your life what would it be?  Change begins with awareness. The Intimacy Lab is a monthly event designed to look at yourself through different tools and lenses to become more aware of how you really show up.  The same way that our perspective of the universe is different if we look through a microscope, telescope, or just our own eyes we can gain new understandings with new tools. We will take time to explore, investigate, and play looking deeper at either ourselves, our relationships, or our community.  Each month is a unique combination that may include meditations, facilitated conversations, individual or partnered exercises, communication games, videos, diads, etc around intimate issues like relationship, sexuality, acceptance, forgiveness, desire, healing. It can be fun to learn in a group because often it is easier to see ourselves as the reflection in another.  The Lab is created to be a pleasurable and eye opening experience that takes you just to the edge of your comfort zone and has you leave feeling more alive and connected. Feel free to ask questions if you are feeling some resistance...that is normal in the face of change!

Join us every Thursday for an hour with other women who also want connection, honesty, and celebration. We will take the time to be with each other, talk, share and have the space to exhale and just be. Do you know that feeling of chatting with a good friend where you feel seen and understood? You will leave feeling more alive, more energized, and more like yourself.

It can get lonely and kinda dry at times when we are out in the world - creating new paths! Women getting vulnerable with each other about what really matters most to us is so nourishing. We will have a discussion and connect - some weeks we may have a theme from something happening in our world or community and other weeks it may arise from what we put into the circle.

This group is free and open to all women. I love leading groups with women of all ages and walks of life where we can share our collective wisdom.