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"I love it when the light gets in."


There is a spread of different events and new ones being created all the time to walk groups into more connection and intimacy.  These experiences are designed to touch parts of you that are yearning to be known - to shine the light into the shadows or little nooks and crannies of your being so that more of you lights up and feels alive!  As more of us have conversations that heal the pain inside and in our society, we will wake up to our essential selves, and through that journey we bring healing to our world.

Upcoming Events

  • VIP Day
    VIP Day
    Time is TBD
    San Antonio
    Time is TBD
    San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA
    Time is TBD
    San Antonio, San Antonio, TX, USA
    An immersive experience to look more deeply at a specific area of your life
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Sisterhood &...

Exploring Practice, Sexuality, and Purpose together in sisterhood


Sisterhood and practice are two things I need to remind me who I am and what I am doing in the world.  They help me stay soft, supple, and open to myself and other people.  There is a lot of conversation out there about self love and less about how to actually do that.  How to keep the love and compassion flowing to myself and to other people when my fears or irritations pop up.  

Sisterhood: a place to be seen, supported, and celebrated through our joys and struggles.

I think many of us long for that feeling of washing clothes in the river together with other women, kids playing, while we talk and sing and get it all done.  My world looks different than that on a day to day basis; however, that feeling and desire for connection is still there.  We are wired for connection and not meant to do it all alone.

explore the sisterhood series and other events below

Step into Sisterhood

It can get lonely and kinda dry at times when we are out in the world day to day - creating new paths! Women getting vulnerable with each other about what really matters most to us is so nourishing and we realize we are not alone, but sisters on the path together.  


Women's Group

Open to all women and at no cost. A monthly zoom call that lasts about 1 hour. We will have a discussion and connect - some weeks we may have a theme from something happening in our world or community and other weeks it may arise from what we put into the circle in the moment.

We touch on topics such as;

purpose, motherhood, our own mothers, sexuality, menopause, bodies and health, relationship, fears, desires, and ways to feel empowered! 

 I love leading groups with women of all ages and walks of life where we can share our collective wisdom. I find that many of us have had painful experiences in the past with women and yet are still craving a new and healthy way of relating with women friends.

Sisterhood and Practice

I live a practice based life that helps me feel inspired, connected to the divine, connected to my deep Self, and on the path of my true desire.   I have practices for…

-when I’m stuck or spinning

-when I’m full and need to empty out to receive more

-when I don’t know what I want or have confusion

-when I need solitude and to find myself 

Learning to lay this foundation has given me ritual, rhythm, and flow which has brought more ease and joy to my life and my relationships. 


Join us at Sisterhood and Practice to deepen your current practices and discover new ones to help you know yourself more fully, work with fears that get in the way of having what you want, and use the tools to create that space and grace for moving through life with more ease.

Studying at Home

Sisterhood and Sexuality

It can be challenging to know what healthy sexuality is after being programmed with beliefs from parents, families, cultures, and society. So many messages to shut it down and hide it away yet we need it for humans to survive and need the energy of it to create and birth anything!  I have found that many women have tangled beliefs and shame around sexuality that prevent us from having fulfilling relationships and that sense of aliveness we all crave.   Because of this challenge, I have created Sisterhood and Sexuality to focus on this conversation and healing  these wounds.  I have healed a lot personally around sexuality by having space to connect and talk with other women around their experiences, pains, and desires.

Sisterhood and Purpose

Many times people hear the word purpose and think more of their job or vocation. I’m talking about living out your divine blueprint. What is your soul here to be and spread to others?   What do you enjoy even if you’re not getting paid? It can be easy to lose touch with our deeper self and finding our way back to Self and then living life and making decisions from that place is an entirely different game.  Sometimes we need the external reflection of our beauty and preciousness as a stepping stone to finding our way back - that’s where sisterhood comes in.  It becomes like a pinball machine bouncing around and lighting up when each of us turns on with inspiration and energy to live out our soul‘s purpose.  It’s contagious! 

“You are here to enable the divine purpose of the universe to unfold. That is how important you are!” - Eckhart Tolle


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