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The Intimacy Boutique

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I'm Eleanor! I'm so glad you made it here.

A safe place to open and unfold. A safe place to feel. This is your watering hole for all things intimacy; with yourself, in a relationship, and in community. Everyone has patterns and behaviors that hold them back from having the connection they want in life. The Intimacy Boutique is here to help in this discovery process. Through expert advice and proactive coaching, awakening events, and tons of resources the impossible becomes possible. The Intimacy Boutique offers many flavors depending on what you want to explore and discover - you can take a deep dive with coaching or dip your toes in with an introductory event. Some material found here may jive with you and light you up and other offerings may not be for you. Take what you like and leave the rest.  Everything we offer is an invitation to slow down, drop in more deeply, and connect with your true Self - from there so much is possible.


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“Instinctively. we know that those who grasp the imperatives of attachment live better lives.   Yet our culture encourages us to compete rather than connect. Even though we are programmed by millions of years of evolution to relentlessly seek out belonging and intimate connection, we persist in defining healthy people as those who do not need others.  This is especially dangerous at a time when our sense of community is daily being eroded by an endless preoccupation with getting more done in less time and filling our lives with more and more goods.”

Hold Me Tight: Seven Conversations for a Lifetime of Love by Sue Johnson

How it Works

In·ti·ma·cy.  /ˈin(t)əməsē/.  noun
close familiarity or friendship; closeness

It seems most people are seeking more intimacy with themselves and others, but call it by many names…more ease and joy, better chemistry, wanting to be seen and gotten at a deeper level, more fulfilling work, easier day to day.  It starts with knowing yourself - your desires, your fears, your old wounds, your own patterns, your personality, and your true Self.  Awareness and desire for it to be different is a wonderful starting place and many people don’t quite know how to have more self love and compassion, how to change the behavior once you see the pattern, how to have those hard conversations or do it differently, how to ask for what you really want.  At The Intimacy Boutique we offer different ways of seeing more deeply into yourself and making those changes which lead to a more joyful and fulfilling life.



“This above all: to thine own self be true.”  William Shakespeare

Learn to live from true desire; not fear, obligation, or cultural conditioning. We can help you get to know yourself better; get in a real relationship with your desires and your blocks instead of just making it day to day; and create a life filled with joy, purpose, and connection.  Think one-on-one coaching sessions, VIP days, and workshops and retreats geared to spending time getting to know yourself, creating practices that lead to real change and healing, and having what you really want.


“Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, joy, trust, intimacy, courage- everything that brings meaning to our life.”  - Brene Brown

Learn about your raw spots and how to heal through connection; gain tools to feel heard and understood and show up as your full Self in all situations; learn to design a relationship that allows for personal expression, support, and a new game for growth and freedom.   We love to help couples bring back play, ease, and better sex into their romantic relationships. Think topic specific couples coaching, workshops with group diads, and new tools to make each relationship more pleasurable, fun, and sexy!




Humans are hardwired for connection.

Maybe you need the reflection of other powerful women and a sisterhood that will support you on the ups and downs of life. Maybe you are looking to open around your dating, relationships, and sexuality and need to be a part of a conversation that encourages our human desires for connection without shame.  Perhaps you are taking a new path for your purpose, work, and what you bring to the world that is a deep expression of your soul and need support bringing that into reality. Think Women’s Group, Sisterhood series, group events and retreats, and unique experiences that will touch your heart and soul.

Client Love


It took women's group yesterday to remind me that I actually do deserve compassion and encouragement. And smart women have moments of doubt and still they rise. Thank you.

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